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DAYU Irrigation Group Israel company--DAYU WATER LTD. opening reception was held in Tel Aviv
  Release date:2019-9-10

On September 5, DAYU Irrigation Group Israel company--DAYU WATER LTD. opening reception was held in Tel Aviv, capital of Israel. DAYU WATER LTD. including DAYU Global (Israel), DAYU Water-saving Israel Innovation Center, Israel office of China-Israel Water-saving Industrial Park.


The establishment of DAYU WATER LTD. by DAYU Irrigation Group is a key step to implement the international strategy, step to the world stage, improve the technological innovation ability and lead the future development of the industry.


DAYU Irrigation Group set up DAYU WATER LTD. to master the latest international scientific and technological trends in the field of irrigation, carry out innovative cooperative research, introduce international talents, build a bridge and bond of communication with the world's most influential counterparts, and achieve complementary advantages and common development with international counterparts.

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